Steps To Becoming A Great Customer Service Representative

Accomplishing outstanding customer service takes practice and determination. An employee must practice going above and beyond daily. The first contact and image portrayed by your company is from you: the agent who answers the phone, sitting at the desk or meeting and greeting the clients. It’s rare for a customer to see a CEO before the Customer Service Representative. Performing ‘White Glove’ customer service means making every effort to be the first and only contact. To become the shining star for your company recognizing and making every effort the only contact is a skill unique, but not accomplishable. Sharpening Customer Service skills will one day be rewarding. How do you begin:

Personalize Your Customers’ Experience (Empathize)

Let your voice demonstrate your concern and willingness to assist? You do not have to have the voice of a star. Your voice must demonstrate sincerity and concern. Allow your voice to soothe and calm the customer. The person on the other end of the counter, on the phone or at the door needs to know you care and can understand. They are seeking customer service for a reason. Make every effort to be the first and last contact. Assure them you will do everything within your power, according to company guidelines, to assist and resolve their concern. Customers are the backbone of a company. Even though we sometimes hate hearing it, they pay your salary. If not for the customer, there would be no job. Put yourself in their position and respond to their needs as if you were in the consumer.

Promise Only That Which You Can Guarantee

Never promise something you have no control over. You have no control over what or when another person will do anything unless you are the ‘boss.’ Your sanitation customer calls wanting the driver to return to their home and pick up the lingering debris left on the road. What would you do? You are the Customer Service Representative, you are not the supervisor of the driver. Your response should be that you will take all the details and forward their information to the correct department. You assure the customer the supervisor will review the problem and will proceed to either call the customer or resolve the problem. As an ending, you assure them someone will get back with them. Again, “Never promise anything you cannot control.”

Remember To Follow-up

Follow-up is imperative. Time constraints and customer traffic may prevent you from assuring the completion of an inquiry today. However, never leave the customer in limbo. Always, even if not in your job requirements, make sure you review the account guaranteeing the customers’ concern has been addressed if not yet completed. There‚Äôs always something encouraging about a call from the company agent asking if the concern has been resolved. Though you may not be required to, the agent/employee who goes above and beyond is an asset. Employers look for a person who can proceed without constant instructions. If you are one who consistently receives outstanding reviews and positive feedback from supervisors and customers, your name will be on the CEO’s top employee list. Employees who demonstrate their value receive promotions and offers without even applying.