Admiral Customer Service Numbers

Admiral is an insurance company based in the UK which was set up in 1993 to specialize in car insurance. There was a new product launch in 2005 that was designed to help people with two or more cars to get a better deal in at Admiral this is called MultiCar Insurance. This insurance policy allows customers to ensure their cars with one policy all the while getting a discount on the entire price making Admiral a lead in the industry. They also have a program that helps drivers who drive safely on the road to receive a discount based on their driving preferences. This company can take care of all of your insurance needs in one place which allows existing customers to save time and money making this insurance company a valuable resource. They have been voted as being the best car insurance provider for about six years running so this is a company that is worth working with. You can use their multi-cover insurance policy to cover all of your cars and they utilize a 12-month policy in which everything will be renewed on the same date with one renewal date. The nice thing about this insurance policy is that you can combine all of your cars and your home and your new them at the same time with the same date, so you don’t have to worry about paying for separate policies on separate dates or worry about renewing on separate dates. Another cool feature is that even if your family members live far away or out of town, they can still join the MultiCar policy.

Admiral has 14 million policies out to date with several happy customers, great claim service, and easy cover options, as well as various benefits such as windscreen repair, stereo cover, and more. If you choose this insurance policy, you will be eligible for replacing or repairing the windscreens on your car. Another benefit is that while your car is getting repaired at this at an Admiral-approved garage, you can be granted a courtesy car to use in the meantime. Your car can also be covered for 90 days will you travel to Europe. You will also receive unlimited coverage for your vehicles permanently fitted visual or audio enhancing equipment. They offer three simple cover packages including great value, gold cover, and platinum cover with added benefits at each rating. Therefore, you can tailor your coverage to suit your needs. If you use platinum cover, you will be granted the full extent of insurance and you will be granted extra security and come home every day with your peace of mind.

Admiral offers various financing options too, including PCP, or Personal Contract Purchase, at a low rate of only 5.9% APR. PCP Offers lower monthly payments but you will have to pay a lump sum at the end of the contract if you want to keep the vehicle with one easy contact number.