Argos Customer Service Numbers

Argos is a company who has physical stores and an e-commerce store. They are primarily located in the United Kingdom. The company has been open since 1869. The store ideal is to maintain trust among their employees and their consumers. They put everything they have into the company to ensure that every type of customer has a great shopping experience. The customers are the heart that help keeps the company growing. Mike Coupe is the CEO of the Sainsbury’s Group, the parent corporation to Argos.

They desire to have transparency with their customers. They desire to show that trust is there to help them with anything they need. They present their values and statements by going public with it. They want to have a good impact on the economy, environment, and society. Around 2020, they want to make a physical difference.

Argos has about 13,000 employees working for them. Argos is the United Kingdom’s leading retailers for food, clothes, general products, and financial services. The company ensures to make sure their business is fast and convenient for their customers. Argos offers over 60,000 products in-stores and online store. The company has over 29 stores and customers. Their website has around a billion online visitors annually. They offer many name brand products. They can deliver or send the purchased items straight to the store itself.

We offer customers what they want, how they want it, through our same-day Fast Track Delivery and free in-store Fast Track Collection services. The company offers a 30-day return fee for almost every item in stock. For small items are returnable to stores. It would take about 5 to 7 days for the right amount to return to the bank. Items must be in better condition as they first arrived for an acceptable return. Original packaging is also required. Argos accepts returns on faulty jewelry.

The company does deliver between 7 am to 10 pm every day of the week. Big deliveries are only in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Small items are capable to deliver to the Scottish Isles, Isles of Sicily, and the Isle of Man.

If a customer is in need of speak to their customer service, they are able to contact one of three ones. The first method for contact is a live chat. One is able to contact them also through Facebook and Twitter. The customer service representative assures that the conversations are save when needed. The second method is through calling them via phone. Argos has two phone numbers. For any questions or problems with home deliveries, customers are able to call the phone number 0345 640 2020. For customers who are calling for store question, they can the number 345 640 3030. Argo’s employees also accommodate those hard of hearing or speaking through the phone. Customers are able to call or text through the Next Generation Text Service. The last method for contact is mailing to their address at Argos Direct, Acton Gate, Stafford ST18 9AR