DHL Customer Service Numbers

DHL is a world leader in shaping in revolutionizing logistics from inventing the air express industry to become world-renowned. They are constantly challenging what is and is not possible within the shipping industry. As one of the most innovative employers in the world, they are able to take pride in the people that they hire. They value ambition and collaboration in the people that they hire. They were awarded as being the top employer in eight different countries and DHL offers future perspectives to more than 2,000 young people. They specialize in four key areas: document and mail shipping, freight shipping solutions, special enterprise solutions, and technology platform integration.

Should you need to use their freight option, their freight shipping options include air freight, ocean freight, and road freight. Their airfreight option offers total flexibility over the delivery choices including door-to-door airport-to-airport and allows you to customize your airfreight travel. There are over 7,000 airfreight experts available to help smooth your travel cargo issues in over 190 countries. This option also gives you a range of time specific flights and even same-day delivery allowing your packages to arrive at just the time you need. If you are unsure of what you need to choose you can always get a free quote online or contact them in order to discuss what the best air freight actually will be for you.

Should you decide to use their ocean freight option, there are various equipment types available to ensure your cargo reaches the right place and it up in a cost-effective manner. To ensure the reliability of the service, there is space protection at every major container port in the world in regard to this industry. This option includes worldwide availability, the ability to use break bulk cargo, you can use roll-on or roll-off cargo, and the shipment is visible from end-to-end. You can also use import and export brokerage on their website. If you choose to transport bulk liquids, you are in luck because they offer a multi-layered bladder area that is able to withstand 24,000 liters and this option is best used for non-hazardous liquids. If you are worried about the possible pollution involved in ocean transportation you can choose a carbon efficient ocean freight option. This allows you to neutralize your omissions without any additional effort and a very low affordable price.

Lastly, they also have road freight and rail freight options that offer safe and reliable transportation as well. With all these freight options available, it’s no wonder why DHL is a global shipping leader.