Virgin Media Customer Service Numbers

Virgin Media was founded by Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson. Founded in 2006, Virgin Media has three Head Offices that are located in Hook, Hammersmith, and Dublin. Virgin Media phone numbers vary depending on which Head Office you would like to contact. However, customers who have enquiries or need technical support may contact them at 0345 454 1111 or 0345 6000 789. For sales, their website indicates 0800 052 2525 as the number to call.

As previously mentioned, Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson founded Virgin Media as well as the Virgin Group. Born in 1950, Sir Branson’s group of companies is active in many different industries. To name a few, Virgin Group operates Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and Virgin Media.

Virgin Media is a company that provides television, internet, and telephone services in the United Kingdom. It was born from a merger of Telewest and NTL. After the merger, they purchased Virgin Mobile UK. With this acquisition, they now offered consumers mobile phone, landline, television, and internet services. They later reached out to Sir Branson to “license the Virgin brand” for the business. Upon agreement, the services were all sold under the Virgin Media name in 2007. During the same year Virgin’s “on-demand” service, Virgin Central was given “rights to begin showing episodes of Lost, Alias, and The OC”.

Aside from providing television services, Virgin Media also offered internet services to its consumers. Virgin Media offered “fiber-optic broadband” where installation consisted of connecting them to cabinets on a street. In 2009, Virgin Media’s broadband service started at “50 Mbit/s downstream” which is about 6.25 megabytes. They continued to offer this speed on a trial run. By 2012, they offered internet speeds from 30 to 100 Mbit/s. Their speed options continued to increase allowing consumers to opt for internet speeds of a maximum 200 Mbit/s during 2015. In 2017, the company offered “ultra-fast speeds” of up to 300 Mbit/s to its consumers. Its most recent internet service offered consumers 350Mbps/20Mbps with the “VIVID 350” option.

Alongside television and internet services, Virgin Media also offered landline and mobile phone telecommunication services. Its landline service is called Virgin Phone. Their landline service allows consumers to contact mobile phone subscribers at no charge. This service began in 2010. Additionally, Virgin Mobile subscribers may contact Virgin Phone consumers at no additional charge when subscribing in one of their “talk plans” for a fixed period of time.

Virgin Mobile is the mobile telecommunication service that is offered by Virgin Media. They offer products and services such as mobile phones, SIM cards, mobile WiFi devices, and subscription plans. Their subscription plans have two options, a monthly plan or a pay-as-you-go plan. They offer products from manufacturers ranging from Samsung, Apple, to Huawei and others. Recently, their website indicates they offer Samsung’s latest device, the Samsung S10+. They also offered Apple’s iPhone XS MAX. For mobile internet, Virgin Mobile (Virgin Media) offers their “IMO portable WiFi hub”. Sometimes known as a mobile router or hotspot, the IMO portable WiFi hub allows its users to stay connected to the internet, even while on the go.